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We know that finding a family that is a great match can be a long and difficult process. Working with a great agency can make that process so much easier! Chameleon Nanny Agency is committed to ensuring each nanny and family are a match that can last through the years. Offering full time positions, part time positions, travel positions and more. All of our nannies are paid on the books and we can help you match with a family who is offering the benefits you are looking for.

1. Application

Interested in becoming a full time or part time nanny through Chameleon Nanny Agency? Fill out an application and upload your resume. 

2. Screening

Our screening process is a thorough process. 

3. Interviews + Trial

If selected for an interview by our families, we will assist in scheduling it. Depending on the client, you may undergo a series of interviews.

Many families opt to conduct a trial period with their preferred candidate. Once the family decides to extend an offer, we will assist you in finalizing the job agreement and negotiate on your behalf, if desired.

Before your start date, we will conduct a background screening check and guide you through the necessary steps with your new employer. This includes addressing concerns such as payroll and tax advice, employee benefits, understanding your work agreement, and familiarizing you with your rights as a household employee in your state.


4. Position Acceptance, Nanny Agreements & Pay

Congratulations! You have discovered your new work family. We will follow up through out your employment with you to ensure your well-being and satisfaction with your new employer.

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