Screening Process

Our Screening Process

How it Works

1. Prescreening

Applicants who are interested are requested to submit their applications for review by agency personnel. The assessment of online applications includes evaluating written English proficiency, basic experience, and marketability. It is mandatory for applicants to include a resume with their application submission.

2. Phone Interview

Agency staff conduct phone interviews to evaluate applicants' proficiency in spoken English, their capacity to fulfill agency criteria, and their ability to provide references.

3. Verification

Applicants must provide a comprehensive record of their employment history spanning seven years, along with their educational background, and an inventory of skills and desired duties. Additionally, we verify the applicant's driver's license number, the issuing state, its status, and any associated violations.

4. Personal Interview

During a 45-minute session, candidates engage with agency staff for a comprehensive evaluation of their employment background and experience in childcare. This process involves asking open-ended questions to gauge their understanding of developmentally appropriate practices, professionalism standards, and genuine passion for working with children.

5. Reference Check

Our agency staff meticulously verify each reference by employing a custom-designed format that includes a combination of open-ended and yes or no questions. Once all references have been confirmed and authenticated, the applicant proceeds to the background check phase.

6. Background Check

An independent security firm performs various checks, such as verifying the social security number, conducting national criminal and sex offender registry checks, and searching for criminal convictions in the applicant's counties of residence. If the applicant has provided information for a drug test and social media check, these will also be conducted during this phase.

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