About Us

Angela Duckworth defines “Grit” as perseverance and passion for long term goals. Ms. Drayton has grit. It is the tenacity for persevering when obstacles present themselves and all tasks seem impossible. Behind the downward facing eyes and lack of self-esteem was a girl who had a fire in her.

During numerous writing assignments in college and socratic seminars she expressed a vibrant, strong opinion about liberty, rights and controversial issues. She has grit and determination and will meet any challenges presented to her.

Over the course of Najeemah’s career, she continually challenges herself by advancing through course work where others might have told her she didn’t belong. Being a minority Najeemah does not let anything stand in her way. Who knew that someone who appeared to be unsure of her future to blossom into a confident woman sure of her ability, has been an amazing journey to watch.

One has to question though...what allowed for this growth to occur? The answer is simple: it was inside her this whole time, it just needed an avenue to be applied. Najeemah Drayton had to challenge herself and has encouraged her endeavors. When a gritty individual meets opportunity the impossible becomes the possible.

Our Mission

“At Chameleon Nanny Agency, we pride ourselves on making the perfect placement match. We know that finding the right childcare option can be daunting and time-consuming. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best possible solution for your family.”

Our Development

Randall from Monsters Inc demonstrates a complex soul painted as misjudged and layered in shades of gray. Turning adversaries into allies, proving that misunderstood hearts can find their way. Najeemah and Randall both faced challenges but the challenges also became growth and development.

At Chameleon Nanny Agency. Changing the narrative of “no” to “yes” one day at a time, while uplifting the strength of the minority voice. Embracing minority roots, Najeemah unleashes unique voices in pursuit of empowerment and change. Nannies are the masterminds of adaptability, navigating through any parenting challenge with ease.

Witnessing countless stories unfold, we bring warmth and professionalism to every home we enter. Embracing adventure, adapting with grace, and spreading smiles as a nanny who conquers any situation!